Just wanted to say thanks for such a great performance. You guys rocked! Everyone had a blast, and the term "best band ever" was thrown about multiple times.


A Classic Charleston Wedding Dance Party with The Loyales

The Loyales delivered a full-blown dance party for this classically beautiful, 400-guest, Kiawah Island wedding near Charleston, SC.

Check out the photo gallery, below the bride’s generous review.

flower girl dancing to The Loyales

Photo by Caroline Ghetes

The Loyales truly blew us away on SO MANY levels!!! Music was our number one priority when it came to our wedding and we could not have been more thrilled with the party they created with their energy!

The more chill music they played was perfectly timed and beautifully done, but the fact that they also kept every single one of our 400ish guests dancing and dancing hard was just amazing!! And it’s important to say they kept everyone dancing for hours without having to pump up the crowd…that was not necessary with the way they naturally lured everyone to the dance floor.

They are such a unique wedding band who we would hire over and over again!!!! It is the number one thing everyone is still talking about from our wedding…THE MUSIC, THE DANCING!

grandmother dancing to The Loyales

Photo by Caroline Ghetes

No wedding guest wants to hear another wedding party band…they want to hear the songs they’ve loved for years and years, but unfortunately never get played at weddings because the industry has become so one note.

The Loyales are what your wedding needs if you care about music in the slightest. We cannot express our love for you all enough. We are forever grateful for the PARTY you brought to our wedding. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

– Bette (the bride)

All photos by the great Caroline Ghetes!  http://www.carolineghetes.com

No touching this band. They had every person in room up and dancing for 3 hours. Songs were done like it was the real band. The singers were impeccable and band people could play!!!
Would hire them tomorrow if I had an event!
Been to 100 weddings but this was the best beyond words. Father of Bride….

– (Bette’s dad!)

~Big thanks to Ellen Robinson of WED for putting it all together and making our jobs easy.~

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