Just wanted to say thanks for such a great performance. You guys rocked! Everyone had a blast, and the term "best band ever" was thrown about multiple times.


Epic Backyard Rock n Roll Wedding Dance Party in Photos with The Loyales

The Loyales by Chellise Michael Photography

Perhaps it was slowing someone down? “Shoe was.” Photo by Chellise Michael Photography.

We here at Lucy Music go to a lot of weddings, we play a lot of weddings, and we see lots of photos from weddings, but rarely have we seen an epic photo set like this.  This wedding dance party starts off normal enough, with some dinner music, the first dance…  Then there’s a Horah, and it begins taking off from there.  Someone loses a shoe, eventually there’s a full love train in there at some point…  but it just keeps going, and going, and going.  The seats are empty all night, and there are beautiful smiles all around.

We don’t normally post so many photos from the same party, but we’re proud of this one, and we owe a big thanks to the always amazing Chellise Michael Photography for capturing the scope of this party, which happens to feature Lucy faves The Loyales.

Congrats S&A!  –(Aaron at Lucy Music)

Epic dance party with The Loyales

Empty seats! Photo by Chellise Michael

The Loyales made our wedding a rock n roll party that will forever be remembered by my husband and me and our guests. They were very responsive and accommodating to our song requests and then pulled some crazy awesome songs out of their pockets at the party. They read the crowd and kept everyone on their feet for hours, no exaggeration. My husband’s family is from Italy and Colombia, and the Loyales were able to sing some songs from each country, which made all our guests feel included. I really could keep gushing, but I’ll stop. Their presence at our wedding, made our wedding.

You will not be disappointed.

– Bride (Irvington, NY)

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