Just wanted to say thanks for such a great performance. You guys rocked! Everyone had a blast, and the term "best band ever" was thrown about multiple times.


Hunkered Down but Hopeful

Lucy Music musicians

Aaron Thurston (The Engagements) Insta: @1.aaron.thurston

To everyone who has reached out asking about us, our musicians, crew, and our musician friends, thank you!  We are hunkered down.  We hope you are all staying safe.  Reach out anytime.  As performing artists who love what we do, this disruption has been more than just a business one.  We miss playing music together.  We miss celebrating with our clients.  We miss what is unique about our clientele, and the chemistry we generate together.  We’d love to stay in touch with you.

planning ahead

We can place holds on dates, & dream together.

We can’t WAIT to get back to the music, dancing, & celebrating.

We look forward to hearing from you as you look ahead, past this pandemic crisis. It’s tough to know how long we’ll all be out of service, and to be honest, it’s tough to plan way ahead if there’s a threat of this crisis surging back in the future, but we cannot WAIT to get to those dates on the calendar.  We can place holds on dates, we can discuss options, and we can dream together.  Reach out to us to plan your next event.  We will all deserve some serious celebrating when this is over.

Milton (The Loyales) Insta: @miltonthesinger

IMPORTANT: Many of you are concerned about the financial well-being of the entire music community, and other performing artists.  We are extremely grateful for your consideration.  If you have the means, we urge you to support these specific causes that directly help musicians and other performing artists: (We plan to update this list as we become aware of more organizations.)

Jazz Foundation of America: (A really great one to help.  We directly feel their support.)


Trickle up: (Performing arts, theater, music) https://trickleup.uscreen.io (TSQ band members Dana Lyn and Marika Hughes have contributed content to this site, which helps artists.)

Barbes: (the beloved Brooklyn music venue that we have all played at.) https://www.gofundme.com/f/barbes-needs-you

MusiCares: (Musician support) https://www.grammy.com/musicares/get-help/musicares-coronavirus-relief-fund

Cerf+: (Visual arts) https://cerfplus.org

Butterscotch (The Engagements) Insta: @honeydjohn

Also, our particular musician network is rich with talent, and many of these musicians are online during this period. Follow us on FB and Instagram, where we’ll post links to our bandmembers socials.  Check out their music and buy a record or two or FIVE!  It’s a great way to support.  Some of our bandmembers have been doing live streams, too.  Please check them out!  It’s a great way to pass this time and keep the existential dread at bay.

If you’re planning an event, please browse our band pages, check out videos, and contact us for songlists, more info, and pricing.

Please stay safe and smart.  (-Aaron, founder & creative dir., Lucy Music)

We’ll get back to this () soon enough

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