Baby Soda Jazz band

Reviews from people who've been there.

Baby Soda Jazz band

Reviews from people who've been there.

"Baby soda were great, worked with our size and budget requirements, sounded great and were fluid on the day. We could not have been more pleased and even extended their time on the day, everyone was enjoying them so much. Lovely to work with. Recommended."
Andrew S.

baby soda jazz band performing

"We had Baby Soda for our wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing and they were amazing! (We had a playlist for breaks and for dancing later in the evening.) We couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. A wonderful band and easy to work with."
Sandra D.

"Baby Soda Jazz Band performed during cocktails and dinner for our Catskills wedding in September. Everything about that process was wonderful: booking with Aaron of Lucy Music was super easy, the band seamlessly transitioned from the outdoor to indoor portion of the evening (with a fantastic New Orleans-style wedding march for the guests in between!), and the guests raved about their performance. They were a pleasure to work with and we would unequivocally recommend them for pretty much any type of event. Plus go see them in person if you find yourself in NYC!"

"We absolutely LOVED having Baby Soda play at our wedding in Brooklyn this summer. The music truly set the tone for a fun, laid-back but elegant celebration. Countless guests commented on how much they loved it. I'll never forget walking down the aisle to a 1920s jazz band playing "Dream A Little Dream of Me." We also really appreciated their fair pricing and professionalism. Highly recommend!"

"We absolutely LOVED having Baby Soda play at our wedding in Brooklyn this summer. The music truly set the tone for a fun, laid-back but elegant celebration. Countless guests commented on how much they loved it. I'll never forget walking down the aisle to a 1920s jazz band playing "Dream A Little Dream of Me." We also really appreciated their fair pricing and professionalism. Highly recommend!"

clarinet trombone banjo baby soda jazz band

"I first discovered them on Christopher street pier and love their unique sound right away. They nicely agreed to come play for our engagement party and brought such a great style with their 20s vibe and swing! Our guests absolutely loved them. They were also very accommodative and easy going. I recommend them strongly for whoever is looking for a cool and stylish ambiance to their party!"

"It was a pleasure working with Baby Soda for our wedding. They were super professional from the beginning and added a great ambiance to our wedding. Would definitely recommend them to others and would love to attend a wedding that they are performing at :)"

"Baby Soda was the perfect addition to the evening's ambiance. They are a classy group in every way. They were hospitable, businesslike and professional from the moment we started dealing with them."

"Baby Soda provided a perfect musical backdrop to my daughter and her husband's October wedding in the Catskills. The music and their performance was most enjoyable and the band was great to work with. We look forward to seeing them perform in the city at some point. I strongly recommend them for events in and around of the city."

"We count hiring Baby Soda Jazz Band as one of the best decisions of our entire wedding. Aaron, Peter and the whole band are total pros — they also went above and beyond setting the mood and making the ceremony and cocktail hour feel like a fairy tale come to life. They set the vibe for the whole night and our friends and family continue to mention their immense talent. We repeat — one of the most special parts of our day!"

second line parade bride and groom kissing jazz band

"We loved Baby Soda Jazz Band, and so did our guests! We were married in September at the Green Building in Brooklyn (and are just getting around to writing our review now...), and this band provided exactly the sort of music we wanted for our reception. From the beginning, they were completely professional, very clear about all the details from pricing to contract to booking, and super responsive to our emails (including a bunch closer to the date of the event asking things about setting up, tuning up, etc). They were also incredibly adaptable--we had an outside reception followed by dinner inside, and they provided the perfect ambiance for both. And one of the highlights was watching our guests (including folks who were 2 years old and some who were 80 years old) getting up to dance. Book these guys, and you and your guests will have an amazing time."

"- Serious talent. True artists. Amazing sound and vibe.
- One of the best decision we made!

- They totally killed it and we were all floored. Too much feedback to relay but we received a ton of overwhelming commentary as to how awesome the band was (is)!

- A huge heart felt thanks and super grateful to have had them at our wedding!

- Recommend 1000%!!!!!!"


"Baby Soda Jazz Band is such a talented group. Beautiful New Orleans-style, old-timey jazz with a little Southern gospel mixed in. They played our cocktail hour, ceremony, and reception. Nothing compares to live music for a ceremony, and these guys did a spectacular job, with smooth transitions and keep the crowd entertained and energized. 

Peter was professional, friendly, responsive, and accommodating as we discussed details; he worked with our vendors—the restaurant (Juliette in Brooklyn) and even a DJ friend we added last minute to play between their sets.

The value was beyond great, and their talent made the whole evening much more magical. They even sweetly dropped copies of their CDs into our card box for us to find the next day! Best of all, they play regular gigs all over the city so you can check them out in advance."

bass clarinet trumpet and trombone

"We chose Baby Soda for our fall 2013 wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and they did a really fantastic job. The band played at our outdoor ceremony, as well as our cocktail hour and reception at the garden's Palm House. They even, at our request, led our guests on a celebratory parade from our ceremony site to the reception, playing their instruments along the way. They set exactly the right atmosphere throughout the day, and even months after our wedding, we're still receiving compliments on choosing such a great band."

"Baby Soda was superb. Extremely professional and mild mannered individuals but a collective musical force without parallel. Super engaged in our wedding from start to - literally - parade finish."

"Peter Ford and his band, Baby Soda, were incredible. We worked with Aaron, the band's liaison, to set everything up about 6 months before our wedding; luckily they were able to squeeze us into their travel schedule over the summer. Ultimately we had six musicians including Peter, who plays single-string tub bass; there was a trombone, a clarinet, drummer, banjo and a trumpet, and at least two of them sang (beautifully). They play what they call "street jazz," it sounds timeless and is perfect for all ages to dance to -- you definitely don't need to know how to partner dance to have an amazing time with this music, though that's an option.
It's not incredibly amplified music, though no one had any problem hearing them (we had an outdoor wedding with about 200 people). Their repertoire is very focused (no "Last Dance," or "Single Ladies" -- they play their stuff, it's all pre-1940s). They also played one of the most rousing horas I've ever been a part of (I was the bride, so I'm biased, but it was extraordinary. We had some very exuberant guests and they played for about 20 minutes without stopping.)

Before the wedding, we'd had a couple of phone conversations with Peter to discuss how the evening was structured, to choose a processional, etc, and they did everything we asked perfectly. They looked amazing and sounded so wonderful -- no one wanted the evening to end, and we've been hearing from our guests things like "the best wedding music ever," even three months after the fact. I would highly recommend this band, especially if you're up for something out of the ordinary."

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"We are so very happy we worked with Baby Soda for our fall wedding. We are a family of amateur musicians, so we were seeking true music, rather than a traditional wedding band. Baby Soda was absolutely terrific for our event. They were spot on regarding the choice of pieces. And they were super flexible and creative in thinking about music for the ceremony. We ended up working with their accordionist, solo, for the ceremony and reception which was remarked on by everyone who attended. If I had to do it all over again, I would work with them again! Highly recommended."

"Baby Soda exceeded our expectations. They performed during our ceremony and cocktail hour at our venue, Brooklyn's Prospect Park Boathouse, this past June. I highly recommend them. Both their musicianship and professionalism is incredible. I received endless compliments about them and I wish they could have stayed longer. Truly one of the easiest vendors to work with. If you enjoy this style of music don't even think twice, it will be one of the best decisions you make."

"This band was awesome! Their music was fun and really different. All the guests loved it. They were very professional (and the bride is a professional musician!). Their jazz was terrific to dance to, and really set the tone for the reception. During the cocktail hour their accordionist, specifically requested by the bride, was wonderful. Afterwards everyone was talking about them. I would absolutely use them again!"

"This band was awesome! Their music was fun and really different. All the guests loved it. They were very professional (and the bride is a professional musician!). Their jazz was terrific to dance to, and really set the tone for the reception. During the cocktail hour their accordionist, specifically requested by the bride, was wonderful. Afterwards everyone was talking about them. I would absolutely use them again!"

bride groom wedding guests dancing to new orleans jazz

"We hired Baby Soda on the recommendation of at least two friends, neither of whom had heard them at a wedding but who knew their work from local Brooklyn appearances. In fact we hired them before we'd ever seen them perform ourselves, purely based on the enthusiasm of our friends and some grainy YouTube videos. 

As it turned out, Baby Soda was the best wedding band I've ever heard, and I'd have felt that way even if it wasn't my own wedding. They are superb musicians playing beautiful, fun music, and they have a great feel for the complicated tone and tempo of a wedding. Everyone at our wedding (200+ guests) raved about the band, and said they'd never heard better. 

The dancing was so much fun -- our only disappointment was that there was a 10pm curfew... otherwise we'd have had them play until we all fell over from exhaustion. 

Peter, the bandleader, said he judges the success of a show based on how into the music the youngest kids are -- there were a lot of young kids at this wedding, and they were tearing up the dance floor. It was perfect music for them, for the 30-something friends of ours who've heard it all, and for the older generation. 

In short, I can't recommend this band highly enough. They will transform your wedding from great to epic."

"We had a great experience with Baby Soda on the day of our wedding. We used a quintet (incl female singer) for ceremony and cocktail hour. They were truly a saving grace, as the wedding started 20 mins late and they had to keep our guests entertained during that entire time. Their music set a perfect tone during the cocktail hour as well. They traveled to Cape Cod from Brooklyn and set up quickly and easily -- very low maintenance. We had some trouble communicating in the months leading up to the wedding via email, so I recommend dealing with them via phone."

"This was the best decision we made for our wedding. EVERYBODY danced—from the two year olds to my 93 year old grandmother. Highly recommend!!!"

"Baby Soda played for the ceremony and reception at my wedding at the University Club. I don't know what to say other than they were absolutely incredible. Great to work with in advance of the wedding-- responsive, organized and flexible. And then at the wedding, there was nothing we got more compliments on than the band. The music was fun and upbeat, perfect to dance to but not so overwhelming that you couldn't have a conversation at the same time. When my dad and I wanted to do a dance that wasn't on their song list they learned it and performed it beautifully. Seriously, hire this band!!"
Caroline K.

"The Baby Soda Jazz Band is super talented, really easy to work with, and an incredible value. We loved having them play while guests arrived and during our cocktail hour. They were super professional, had great outfits, and were a big hit among all generations. We saw them play at St. Mazie Bar & Supper Club and recommend checking them out. "
Donni K.

groom and bride dancing with jazz band NYC

"We actually saw Baby Soda performing one night at the restaurant Dirty French and I told my boyfriend, now husband, that this was the band of my wedding dreams. When we got engaged months later, I knew I had to make it a reality and boy, did they deliver! Flexible and just an all around pleasure to work with from first email to the end of the wedding night, Baby Soda was wonderful. The music was spot on and the theme and ambience of our wedding wouldn’t have been the same and no where near as good without them. We didn’t have dancing at our wedding so the music was the star of the show and now 6 months later I still hear regularly from guests that they’ve never had such a good time at a wedding! It was perfection and Baby Soda was one of the first, and best choices we made. We are utterly grateful for their professionalism, talent, and the beautiful music they provided to make our night spectacular!"

"Baby Soda joined us at my organization's Annual Gala. They led a parade march upon the close of cocktail hour into the theater, and then played the last couple of hours following an awards presentation. They were fantastic and our guests raved about how special they made the evening. The music was fun, lively, and perfect for the event. Peter and the band instinctively knew what sort of music would work - shifting from subtle background music to attention grabbing party music. They were easy and flexible when it came to equipment and space, and all around great to work with. Aaron, of Lucy music, booked them for us and was great and flexible. He was able to work with us to make sure we had the right sound within our budget, and did everything possible to indulge a few silly special requests from us. I highly recommend working with Baby Soda and any of the Lucy Music bands."

"We hired Baby Soda to play for a couple of hours for our wedding reception that had a "speakeasy vibe." They communicated with us very well before the event, and were accommodating when our ceremony started later than expected. We've received many compliments from our guests about the awesome band that started off the party. They sounded great, and we're looking forward to hearing them again in one of their regular venues!"

outdoor summer wedding Brooklyn jazz new orleans style

"This band was fantastic! We used them for the ceremony and cocktail hour at our wedding, and I would recommend them very highly. Thank you, Baby Soda!"

"Baby Soda Jazz Band performed for my wedding in Brooklyn during the blizzard on January 23, 2016! They arrived at the venue hours earlier than planned to ensure that they would be able to perform despite the weather. They were thoughtful and professional and of course the music was as incredible as I expected it to be. I received endless compliments on the band throughout the night."

"We can't recommend Baby Soda Jazz Band enough. At our wedding, they provided stellar musicianship, perfect sensitivity to the room and the guests, and a wide knowledge of their musical idiom. Attire, and overall presentation worked perfectly with our retro, art-deco, refined vibe, and the music was absolutely swinging. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Baby Soda Jazz Band."

"Baby Soda Jazz Band's joyful sound made magic on my summer wedding day! Aaron from Lucy Music and Peter from Baby Soda were both so flexible, helpful and easy to work with throughout the whole process."

"Baby Soda are terrific musicians and made the night really special. Our friends familiar with the music scene in New York already knew of Baby Soda and were very pleasantly surprised to see them! We also hired Tamar Korn to sing and together they earned rave reviews from us and all our friends. Our guests have told us over and over how much they appreciated the intimate experience of dancing to a jazz band and months later we're still so excited Baby Soda were at our wedding."

bride groom in love wedding guests dancing jazz NYC

"I loved having Baby Soda as a part of my wedding. Wonderful music, great energy, and easy to work with during planning. My friends and I have a tradition of performing a tap dance at major life events and they happily came early to rehearse with us before the wedding. Couldn't have asked for a better experience."

"I think it was fate that brought me the most amazing band for my wedding. My fiance was in charge of procuring a celebrity DJ friend who pulled out at the last minute due to a hectic touring schedule. I overheard a corporate Baby Soda gig that was at the bar next door to my Williamsburg apt about a month before my wedding. I am not ashamed to say I cyber-stalked Baby Soda. I have never heard a group of people having more fun than I did at that corporate party, and I was hoping they could infuse my wedding with that same energy.

Baby Soda was fantastic. I could not recommend them more. Their agent Aaron was amazing to work with as well. He is super on top of his email, which is reassuring, especially since I booked them so last minute. He even took the time to go over and vet the event space before the gig. The band were so kind to clear their schedule for our event. My guests adored them. They are the perfect combo of old timey jazz that grandpa loves to funky brass band that all my friends loved. BOOK this band! I guarantee they will take your normal wedding to extraordinary! I know they did it for our wedding! This is no typical wedding cover band! My guests are still talking about them 2 months later!"

"We were so thrilled with Baby Soda's performance at our wedding. From first getting in touch with them (after happening to hear them play in Washington Square Park on a lovely spring day) all the way through the end of our party, they were incredibly kind, flexible (helping us find a configuration of time and band members that fit within our budget), professional, and responsive. As the band is totally acoustic (which sounded beautiful in the meetinghouse where they played for our event), they just needed a little space and that was it. I can't tell you how many of our guests said "This music is amazing!" and "I love this band!", etc. They are really fun to dance to. They even helped us move benches at the end of the night-- nice guys!"

roaring 20s people dancing jazz

"Baby Soda was an absolute dream to work with -- responsive, friendly, very flexible on number and composition of musicians, very amenable to special requests. The band was absolutely fantastic, lively, old-timey, and supremely skilled -- they elevated the joyous energy of our wedding in a human way recorded music never could have. Can't recommend more highly."

"Selecting Baby Soda Jazz Band as our wedding entertainment was one of the best choices we made for our wedding. We were on a tight budget but knew that live music was key for making our day so special. We planned every aspect of the wedding so it was really important to us that each vendor was accessible and flexible during the process. We could not have received better service or a more talented group of musicians. They exceeded our expectations and our family and friends still talk about this highlight a year later. Highest recommendation - you won't regret it."

"We used Baby Soda at our wedding cocktail hour in September. They were absolutely incredible! They are excellent musicians (seriously amazing) with an authentic old timey style. Their music is perfect & they look great too! Our venue was at an old mansion in Washington Heights, and the band sat on the porch of the house looking snazzy during cocktail hour. They are exactly what we had in mind - a 20s garden party feel. Friends and family told us that they felt like they were in a Woody Allen movie. I wish we kept them for the reception! They were also super accommodating, and Aaron their manager was so nice throughout the booking process. Definitely one of our favorite wedding vendors. I highly recommend! A+++"

"We hired Baby Soda to play before our wedding ceremony, the precessional and recessional and for our cocktail hour. The band were fantastic, they set the mood beautifully with their 1920's style jazz and really looked the part as well. The guys were really professional, turning up early, setting up with no fuss and knowing exactly what they needed to do. Organizing the band to play was also very easy, contacting their manager Aaron to sort out the details, he was very helpful and assisted us with everything we would need to know. We were so happy to have Baby Soda play our wedding and would highly recommend anyone do the same."

second line parade wedding NYC jazz

"We knew we wanted a really cool, unique music experience for us and our wedding guests on our big day. We love New Orleans-style jazz music, and if you do, too, and you're getting married in or around NYC, you cannot do any better than Baby Soda. They are excellent musicians, Aaron (their manager) is cool and easy to work with, and the band played everything we wanted, setting the mood perfectly for the pre-ceremony cocktails, ceremony, and the first part of the reception (we had a DJ for the last part of the reception). And they totally rocked the Hora! Definitely worth the money."

"We hired Baby Soda for our 8/24 wedding after hearing them play live a few times in Brooklyn. We were not disappointed. They were amazing. They showed up early, and everyone at our wedding raved at the band. Every member of Baby Soda is extremely talented and friendly. We also hired Tamar Korn to sing for us (who was excellent and super friendly as well), but she is not usually part of the band. The older members of our families asked us if we hired the band to please them since Baby Soda's repertoire is from the 20s and 30s. We said, No way! We love this music too! Baby Soda performed introductions for us and played all the songs we asked, though they want to did charge us extra to learn a song not in their repertoire. But this is understandable, being that it wasn't a typical Baby Soda song. They did take a while sometimes to respond to emails. I got a much better response from Aaron and Peter when speaking to them on the phone, and both were very accommodating. Overall I give them an A+"

guests champagne laughing

"I can't begin to describe what a unique and whimsical vibe that Baby Soda infused into our wedding. They traveled to Connecticut to provide their ragtime/swing sound for our 1930's vintage style wedding. We had more comments from our guests about Baby Soda, then any other element of our wedding. It's simply impossible to sit still when the band is playing. You MUST tap your feet at the very least. They were perfection. 

Every once in a while I would have an issue getting email responses, but that is to be understood, since the band travels often. They were worth every dime, and we will continue to attend their gigs for years to come."

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