Wedding music is our specialty.


Wedding music is our specialty.

"Their range, sound, energy, and talent will make any wedding a night to remember."

Lara (wedding client)

A Knack For Weddings

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Whether you’d like Tribute String Quartet to play “God Only Knows” for your ceremony Recessional, a dance band like The Loyales to rock your reception, or the timeless sounds of Baby Soda Jazz Band to parade you and your guests into dinner, we’ve got you covered.

You can check our availability for your date, get price quotes, and set up a time to chat.

"The way they sound-tracked our wedding exceeded all expectations."


Personalized Playlist Planning

Our bandleaders work closely with our couples, from the first phone call. Our songlists are full of deep-cuts that bands only attempt when there's a rich chemistry between the musicians. Our favorite thing to do (besides playing the party) is to go through the band’s song list with our clients, honing the batch of songs that will define their "playlist."

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What are your first steps in planning your wedding music?

Ceremony Music

Our most popular options for ceremony music are Tribute String Quartet (the rock and pop string ensemble), Baby Soda Jazz Band (the swoon-worthy jazz ensemble playing charming, trad jazz,) and Soft as a Pear (an utterly cute husband-wife sax-flute duo capable of surprising, nerdy renditions of Top 40 classics, theme music, and heavy metal.)

All of our dance bands also offer ceremony music as part of their wedding packages. Reach out and we’ll send you a list of options to review!

Wedding Ceremony Music string quartet
Jazz band cocktail hour wedding NYC

Cocktail Hour Music

All of our bands offer music for cocktail hour. If you’ve hired one of our dance bands for the later parts of the wedding, you’ll have the option of booking a smaller sub-set of the band’s musicians to cover the wedding’s cocktail hour. Contact us to start the conversation.

Wedding Reception Music

The dinner & dancing portion of the wedding is usually when the full dance band would take over, although it can be fun to have the string quartet or a smaller ensemble from the ceremony & cocktails keep playing through dinner, then have the large dance band kick-off after dinner. We offer lots of options for the wedding reception. Browse our dance bands, or just reach out and we can discuss!

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What exactly is a Wedding Band Alternative?

Have you been to a wedding that features a band half-heartedly hacking their way through a classic? We’re an alternative to that.

Lucy Music’s bands are real bands, offering an alternative to the cookie-cutter, medley-playing band comprised of hired-gun musicians who don’t know each other.

Browse our bands to hear the difference.

Are You a Potential Lucy Music Client?

Do you LOVE food and music? (Most of our wedding clients tell us these are the most important aspects of their vision for the party.)

Are you a musician yourself? We get a lot of clients who are musicians or have musicians in their family. (Musicians can tell we aren’t lip-syncing in our videos. There isn’t auto-tune or any other tricks happening.)

We’re invested in making sure the wedding music band you hire is the best fit for your event - even if it means it’s not ultimately a Lucy Music band.

Wedding Ceremony Music string quartet

Lucy Music is a boutique music company specializing in unique wedding band alternatives.

Since 2010, this musician-run agency has provided the highest quality bands to clients seeking non-cheesy alternatives to the typical wedding fare. Lucy's roster boasts real bands, made up of musician friends from the NY music scene. Lucy’s musician credentials include work with critically acclaimed artists such as Andrew Bird and Björk, and cultural icons like Harry Belafonté and Jay-Z.

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