The Engagements

Reviews from people who've been there.

The Engagements

Reviews from people who've been there.

"All we can say is WOW. In the weeks leading up to our wedding, The Engagements were extremely responsive and accommodating as far as discussing our song preferences including our "must-plays" and "do-not-plays". The evening and night of the wedding, these guys put on an A+ performance. They expertly shifted between quieter background music for when our guests were seated / eating and then during dance sets, and for the rest of the night following dinner, covered all the 80s songs we wanted to hear. and had all our guests up and dancing They did such an excellent job that our guests were raving about the music afterwards. They really helped set a fun mood for the event and we could not have asked for more. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.”

guests dancing laughing at engagements wedding new york

"This band is the real deal, it feels like a rock show your guests are guaranteed to get their dance on! The singer's voice is amazing and the covers sound so authentic, you just can't help but sing along and have a great time. Our event started out formal and then turned into endless fun on the dance floor. Songs range from "Kiss" (Prince) to "Just like heaven" (The Cure), but they also play Hall and Oats, Erasure, James Brown etc... I can highly recommend this ensemble. They are the real deal and the opposite of a cheesy wedding band!”

This wedding band inspires fist-pumping guests
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"We found The Engagements after googling "non-wedding band wedding band." My fiancé (now husband) is a musician, and it was important to us to have a band that was truly talented in addition to being entertaining and getting our guests up and dancing. Every wedding band we looked at seemed too cheesy - we didn't want a "wedding band," just an awesome band that happened to be playing our wedding. When we came across the Engagements, we watched one of their videos (The Cure, "Close to Me") and immediately knew we'd found our band. They are outstanding musicians, incredible singers, great entertainers and just super cool. The music they play is so good, and not your typical cliché wedding music. We knew they'd be amazing - but we didn't know how genuinely nice they would be, too. Aaron worked with us in the months leading up to the wedding to patiently take us through all the details, timing and song selections. At one point we thought we were going to have change wedding dates at the last minute, and the band was totally prepared to make it work. At the wedding, they were so awesome, from the ceremony duo to the cocktail trio to the full 10-piece band at the reception. Everything went so smoothly. They did (and killed) several songs that we requested that weren't in their standard repertoire. All the guests were dancing or just enjoying listening to great music. We got SO many compliments on having such an unusually good band! My husband and I keep saying that our one regret from the wedding was that we were so busy that we didn't get to hear every song The Engagements played. We can't wait to get our video just to watch them. If you are looking for a really talented, not-cheesy band you cannot go wrong with The Engagements - they are AWESOME.”

person dancing at Engagements wedding NYC

"The Engagements are amazing. They played our wedding in Bermuda and we couldn’t have been happier. Aaron was really easy to work with on the logistics and the band was professional and low maintenance. It was surprisingly easy to pull off. We checked out pretty much every big band in NYC and they were definitely the most talented and down-to-earth we came across. It’s also good that they’re an actual band and not a collective like a lot of the others. We didn’t get a chance to see them live before we booked, and based our decision completely off the youtube videos, but it worked out fine knowing that most of the members in the videos would be the ones playing our wedding. They’re an incredible band – talented, professional, tight. Our guests were blown away. Aaron was fun to work with on our selections and they can cover a lot of different styles. If you’re looking for a great band that can play a unique set list, this is it. If they’re available – BOOK THEM”

Wedding cover band The Engagements playing in a tent

"If you’re having a wedding and you plan to have music at that wedding, there is really no other logical choice than hiring The Engagements to play that music. We, like so many other couples, were looking for the atypical wedding band that doesn’t play all the same old, tired wedding band music. We found The Engagements online and what we listened to when we came upon their website seemed to match what we were going for – a band whose setlist included Talking Heads, Davie Bowie, Prince, James Brown, all sorts of 70s soul, and 80s pop.

Once we contacted them, Aaron was immediately responsive, professional and super easy to work with. Because we knew we wanted to see them live before committing, Aaron invited us to see them perform at a large-scale, public event. Within thirty seconds of listening to them, we made our decision. Their energy is unreal (it seems like they never get tired), each bandmember seems to absolutely love playing music, and each of them is a phenomenal musician. 

Once we booked them, the process was seamless. Aaron stayed in touch – he’s the sweetest guy. So wonderful to work with! He manages the administrative stuff and also plays a mean drum kit. He let us collaborate and give input on song choice, was easy to communicate with throughout the planning process, and worked out all logistical issues with the venue. He really made everything so simple. 

Every musician in the band is extremely talented. JB, one of the singers (there were three amazing singers!!), sang our first dance song and absolutely nailed it. The setlist was perfect and our guests basically had no choice but to dance without resting for a few hours thanks to The Engagements’ electric energy and exciting/unpredictable song choices. So many of our guests told us that it was an experience they’d never had at a wedding – more like a concert experience than a wedding reception. One of our friends accosted (in a good way) JB afterward and drunkenly raved about his talents and how moved she was by the band's music. The one thing that has been somewhat unpleasant about this experience is that our relatives who we barely speak to keep emailing us about how good The Engagements were. In short, book this band, guys. And, if you do, feel free to invite us so we can dance to their music again. Our June is wide open.”
Aixa M.

Wedding band anthems sing along
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"We loved the Engagements! They were super responsive throughout the planning process, even when we had somewhat unusual requests (like Michael Bolton as our first dance song). Now, nearly 4 months after our wedding, people are still telling us that our wedding band was the best they'd ever experienced. Would recommend the Engagements to anyone looking for a fun, easy-going, unique band.”

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"I’ve been playing in bands for 30 years, and this is the band I hired for my wedding. These guys are far and away the best wedding band I’ve heard. In addition, Aaron is a great guy and a pleasure to deal with. He was one of the first people that I talked to in putting the reception together, and he really helped me wrap my head around what we needed to figure out and what we could leave loose. 
The band brings a great vibe. They’ve got a great, extensive song list and they immediately understood what we were going for and put together a great set list including some special requests which they played beautifully. Anyway, the day went great and they kept the dance floor packed the whole night. I am still hearing about how great the band was months later. Do yourself a favor and hire these guys.”
Josh A.

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"I first experienced The Engagements at my sisters wedding over three years ago. Flash forward to planning my own wedding and I struggled to find a band in Utah that could put on a show like The Engagements. We were so lucky that with Aaron's help, a Utah trip became a possibility! Aaron was able to contact local vendors, arrange housing, and work with our venues to provide the most amazing music for our rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception! No other band can replicate so many different artists to the level The Engagements can. They had every wedding guest dancing the entire night, to the point that they wouldn't even take a break! Having a wedding with The Engagements is truly an experience you will never forget. Thanks again Aaron!”
Matthew B.

Brooklyn wedding music by The Engagements at the Palm House
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"The Engagements were recommended to us by a musician friend who'd played with them before. His praise meant a lot to us, and then when we saw The Engagements play at the Bell House in Brooklyn, we knew they'd make our wedding. Their band leader Aaron was a joy to coordinate with, always accessible, generous with his time and insight, and eager to discuss our musical tastes. So our expectations were high by wedding night -- and the guys just blew them away, with a nearly three-hour dance party of Motown, 50s and 60s soul, and 70s dance music. Our guests won't forget it, and my wife and I surely never will. Choosing the Engagements was unquestionably the best decision we made for our wedding.”
Ryan G.

Full wedding dance flooor with cover band The Engagements
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"We hired The Engagements for our wedding this past June, and they were UNBELIEVABLE!!!! We received nonstop compliments from our guests - all of whom were on the dance floor the entire night. Aaron, the drummer and band manager, was helpful from the start, providing detailed and thoughtful responses to all the many questions I had. Vocalists John, JD, Heather and Emil were all amazing - each member brought their own unique sound/vibe and they play together perfectly. They have a big repertoire of songs, but were also able to learn several "wishlist" songs for us and they executed them so well! I knew having a band would be the biggest splurge, and it was SO WORTH IT.”

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"There are tons of wedding bands around NYC; some of them are fine, some of them are pretty good, and a lot of them are very corny. If you're someone who really cares about the music at your wedding—who wants to make sure everyone gets up to dance, but would rather hear the Talking Heads and Prince than another mediocre cover of "Get Lucky"—then The Engagements are the best wedding band you can hire. They have multiple excellent singers, so they can credibly cover an incredibly wide range of music well. Aaron is a great band leader who has assembled a top notch group, and he is attentive to your needs, will take song requests, and will even perform a song with you if you want. Our guests could not stop talking about how amazing the band was. I loved them so much, I'm thinking about getting married again just so I can re-hire them.”

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"This band is truly special. From day one of working with Aaron, it was clear to us that The Engagements wanted to put on a performance that spoke to our union personally, encapsulated the narrative of our romance, and got every friend and family member shaking their butts. They learned several of our requests, took time on the phone listening to what these live music fans look for in a great band, and worked patiently to help us bring our fantastical ideas to life. Their ceremony music was the perfect mix of sentiment and unique arrangements. We wound up with a dream band and a dream celebration—classics and hits for every age in the room, deep cuts and sentimental requests for my wife and I, and a closing rendition of Sly Stone's take on "Que Sera Sera" that quickened heartbeats and brought all the feels. Everyone we've caught up with since the special day has absolutely raved about The Engagements' performance at our wedding. We can't recommend them enough.”
Justin J.

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"Recommended without hesitation. A big part of the best the best day of our lives. Besides marrying my wife, The Engagements' set was my favorite part of our wedding day. I have been a music nerd my whole life, so hearing them bring my favorite music to life made my dreams come true. Their performance was masterful, in particular their command of the songs I asked them to learn. I had their version of "Vitamin C" stuck in my head for about a week after they played it. The RAM covers were absolutely brilliant. The band was so good that they made me regret not hiring a videographer for the reception. The band was universally loved by our guests. 

Aaron was a pleasure to work with. I knew we would get along from the moment I saw Devo on his setlist. Responsive, accommodating and genuinely enjoyed being a part of the event.”
Zach P.

best wedding music
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"If you are lucky enough to get The Engagements, do not let the opportunity pass you up. They are sui generis and will make your wedding an epic celebration!

They were recommended to us and from the moment we spoke to Aaron, the manager, we knew we had found an exceptional band. Aaron is incredible to work with. He was responsive, helpful, kind, and patient. Each of the band members was extremely kind and cool too. 

Their range, sound, energy, and talent will make any wedding a night to remember. This is NOT your average, cookie-cutter wedding band. This is a band that will surprise and delight your guests. We had several wedding guests tell us it was the best wedding band they had ever heard—they were raving for weeks. Six months later, we still get compliments. Even in writing this review I wish I could go back and bust a move to The Engagements tunes! 

The Engagements went above and beyond: in addition to playing our requests from their lists, they learned each and every one of the special-request songs that were not on the list. This included a lesser-known 70's tune that has special significance for us and made us practically fly with happiness. We were on cloud nine the entire night because of this marvelous band. 

Thank you, Engagements! You made our wedding the party of the decade!”

bride dancing to wedding cover band
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"You guys were absolutely amazing last night. Every single song was perfect, and the set list couldn’t have been better. The songs you learned especially for us turned out INCREDIBLE!! I cannot thank you enough for making the party unreal – all the buzz this morning was about how talented you all were – every single musician was awesome. I didn’t personally hear the music at the knoll, but it also got rave reviews. Would you guys have the set list from last night perchance? Thanks again for making this the best night of my life.”
Camilla, Wedding in New Marlborough, MA

"Possibly one of the best cover bands in the history of the universe.”

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"We just LOVE you guys SO MUCH! I’m back in the swing of things and outrageously happy to be married… and happy that you helped make it such a phenomenal success. I keep getting emails that look a little like this: “Best. Wedding. Ever.” So I would say that constitutes a success.”
Vanessa & Jeff – Wedding in upstate NY

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"Dear Engagements, Julie and I can’t thank you enough for adding so much enjoyment to our wedding celebration. Not only did you blow the roof of the party with all of our favorites, but you expertly read the crowd and made some adjustments to appeal to all of our guests while continuously playing your brand of 80s inspired covers. We got so many comments from people of all ages about how amazing you all are and how fun and professional you all are. You made the entire process as stress free and easy as possible and were, although a very distant second to my gorgeous bride, one of the highlights of the wedding. We can’t thank you enough! Thank you so much, Regards,”
Doug & Julie, Wedding in Mamaroneck, NY

Bride in front of wedding music band The Engagements
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"Brooklyn’s Best Party Band!”
Skippy, Owner, The Bell House, 80s Pretty In Pink Prom Night, Brooklyn

dancing to wedding cover band the engagements
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"We hired The Engagements for our Wedding in October and we loved them! The band is incredibly talented. They came highly recommended by a few friends who are professional musicians and they did not disappoint. They played a wide variety of music from Jazz standards, to Motown, to rock, to eighties, and always sounded fantastic! We listened to many other groups in NYC and Philadelphia, and have heard a ton of other bands at weddings, but The Engagements are definitely the best. They are professional and never overbearing but they got everyone up dancing. We still are hearing comments from our family and friends months later!”
Peter & Katie, Wedding in Princeton, NJ

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"I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done – you are so kind and wonderful to negotiate with – I certainly will recommend you to everyone I know and hopefully you can play our 25th wedding anniversary??? LOL Sincere Thanks!”
Anne & Rich, Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

First dance in Brooklyn in front of The Engagements wedding band
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"These guys absolutely ROCKED our wedding reception! Not only were our guests out on the floor all night dancing their butts off to everyone's favorite classic hits, people were literally chanting "one more song" at the end of the night! Aaron and The Engagements were delightful to work with from the beginning, great with communication, and they were really receptive to learning some special request songs. This is a group of SUPER talented musicians, who are total professionals, and we could not be more thrilled that they played at our wedding. Our friends and family are still raving about how much fun they had dancing the night away. So awesome, thanks again for everything guys!”

The Engagements wedding cover band
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"We cannot recommend The Engagements highly enough. The band initially attracted our attention because of the breadth of their repertoire--they can handle everything from 40s and 50s classics to 70s funk to 80s post punk and classic rock. (Going through the song list to choose our requests for the wedding was, by far, the highlight of wedding planning.) Their performance at the wedding was terrific, combining musical talent, thoughtful song selection/ordering, and tons of energy (but none of the cheesy MC-ing endemic to typical wedding bands). But in between was where they truly stood out: the band was always a pleasure to deal with, responded quickly and thoroughly to any inquiries, gave helpful advice on choosing songs, and are just overall really nice people.”

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"The Engagements are the best! We hired them for our September 2017 wedding in Beacon, NY after hearing them play at a Wedding Crashers event at the Bell House in Brooklyn. We immediately knew we wanted to book them as soon as they started playing. Aaron, the drummer, was a dream to work with - responsive, cool and so so nice. The Engagements played our ceremony and reception and we got so many compliments on them. Our guests were cheering "One more song!" at the end of our reception, and one guest even ripped his pants from dancing so hard! The Engagements have an amazing catalog of music that every guest will love (Bowie, Prince, MJ) and even learned to play our obscure wedding song, along with a few others. The band was so good that I was sad when our wedding was over that we wouldn't get to see them again. Hopefully we'll get to see them play another wedding! We couldn't recommend them enough.”

The Engagements wedding music cover band
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"Without a doubt, hiring The Engagements was the best decision we made in our wedding planning. 
Our number one goal was for our guests to have a good time, and Lucy Music delivered from start (with the String Tribute Quartet), to a trio from the band for our cocktail hour, to late into the night with an 8-piece band for our 100 guests. I’m a music lover so once the venue was picked, the band was the next most important decision, as they set the tone for the whole night. We did an extensive search. Every step of the process with Aaron of Lucy Music was a joy. He made the contract, communications for song selection, and the day of the wedding, a breeze. A major reason we choose them was not only a great song list from the 80s, but that they play them with passion and authenticity. They sound amazing! We had considered an 80s cover band that felt almost more like a concert rather than being there for your party or another that were cheesy with silly costumes. The Engagements are talented musicians, often touring artists, who we were lucky enough also do this. They actually agreed to even learn several songs for our wedding upon our request and nailed them! You would think they had performed them for years. All our guests had an amazing time dancing all night. Friends and family, who are musicians, said they were the best band they’ve ever seen at a wedding. After the stress of wedding planning, we were ready to have a good time. Having The Engagements at our reception was the perfect wedding gift to ourselves. They did everything we asked and more. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

people on the wedding dance floor
Photo by emilie inc @emilie_inc

" I can't say enough good things about this band! We LOVED them. They were phenomenal, fun, and played exactly the right stuff at exactly the right time. Aaron was super helpful and easy to work with. He made the process so much FUN! They was so awesome about playing special requests for us and they really put a lot into our first dance song, which was a fast one, and it meant the world to us. My sister had the same band at her wedding a few years back and having them at ours was, hands down, easiest decision in the whole planning process. Everyone at the wedding raved about them. Book The Engagements!!”

bride dancing at Engagements wedding band NYC

"We (and our guests, who couldn't stop talking about them) absolutely loved the Engagements!! They were so much fun, and truly, truly talented. If you're looking for something a little different than the typical wedding band (think - lots of 70s-80s music, nothing too modern or pop-y) then the Engagements are perfect. They were SO much fun and learned quite a bit of songs for us, too! It really felt like more than just a wedding band, but like a real concert/dance party.

Aaron was extremely flexible and easy to work with. He ended up helping us out with our ceremony music, and even was able to add in music for cocktail hour fairly last minute. He was down to earth and easy to work with from beginning to end. Everything turned out perfectly and we couldn't have asked for more!”

Brooklyn NYC wedding dance party with The Engagements band
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"They are the best. An extremely professional, incredible nice, and insanely talented group of human beings! There isn’t a band that even comes close to these guys.”
Stjepan P.

Bowery Hotel wedding band in NY, NY
In New York, NY at the Bowery Hotel

"I can't say enough good things about The Engagements. Countless people kept asking us where/how we found them. They actually blew a ton of people's minds. They learned half a dozen songs for our wedding, including deep cuts by George Harrison and The Band, and even an Abba song for my bride. They sounded great and they performed with profound sincerity and passion. I know they may cost a little more than the big company wedding bands, but I promise you, if what you're looking for is a band that cares about music and about rocking the fucking doors off of wherever your reception is, pick The Engagements. Aaron is a joy to work with. He took all the stress out of everything. I was able to borrow a guitar to play a song for my wife during our reception and they took the time to soundcheck me and make sure I felt comfortable in every way. Incredibly professional and badass. Can't say enough good things.”
Eric L.

The best wedding with the best band
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"My husband and I cannot recommend the Engagements enough. Live music was one of the most important things to us, and most of the wedding bands we researched seemed similar, but what stood out about The Engagements was their specific style and genre (mostly 80s, 90s music). My husband plays guitar and had a great time talking music and set list with them. We primarily worked with Aaron and Emil who were fun and helpful with suggestions for our first dance and parent dances while also being flexible (and excited) about accommodating a few of our requests. We felt that we were in good hands from the time we started working with them all the way through to the big day, where they were just fantastic and one of the top highlights. Our guests loved them too and many said it was the best band they'd seen at a wedding, and are still talking about them even though we got married almost a year ago. The Engagements exceeded expectations in every way and my only piece of feedback is that they should perform in more public venues so we can see them again.”

A wedding Horah with music by The Engagements
Photo at Battery Gardens in New York City

"First and foremost let me mark this as a LGBTQA+ friendly band. Our wedding included my trans and NB friends both as guests and in the wedding party and The Engagements were so respectful of pronouns and it meant a lot to us. Please keep that in mind if that is something you require for your wedding as well! 
Now, on to the meat and potatoes!!! 
This band is INCREDIBLE!! Not only do they bring down the house with their amazing set list, but they work with you to make the song list personal. I was looking for a band that played music I actually listened to and The Engagements nailed it! For us they played Queen, Bowie, The Clash, Fleetwood Mac, Marvin Gaye, and heck they played the The Cure so hard my face melted off! They learned Tainted Love as a surprise for my mom, and they learned BTO for my dad on top of their already full and eclectic song list. It was beyond personal! They play the music you actually WANT to hear at a wedding, not the music you expect to and are tired of. They will work with you to find a set list you love and will have all of your guests screaming with joy, “OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS SONG!”. All of our guests loved them and spent the whole night dancing and telling us how great the band is. It’s been 3 months, and we are still hearing about how great the band was at our wedding! They really nailed the favorites. They played so many warm and nostalgic songs, the type of songs that you forgot you loved and immediately need to hear again. Every song was a hit with our crowd, every song had them singing along even when they were taking a dance break, and it just gave the whole party something truly special. 
The whole band is so talented and easy to work with, it was the perfect soundtrack for our day. They made the whole process so effortless and Aaron could not have been more helpful. He is so professional and knows exactly what to do and work with all the vendors to make everything flow seamlessly. No need to fuss over details, just trust in Aaron and the Engagements. They know what they are doing and get it done. 
Don’t just take this from a Bride, take it from someone who has been in and at dozens of weddings, this band is something special. They are frankly, the best. If you love music, you’ll love them. BOOK THE ENGAGEMENTS.”
Caroline Q.

bride and groom dancing at NYC wedding

"From beginning to end The Engagements (Lucy Music) were awesome to work with. We were looking for a more alternative (read: classic rock, 80s) band for our wedding that would have our guests dancing all night. The Engagements did that and more - their talent is undeniable and we are so grateful they were there to help us celebrate our wedding. They were thorough and flexible when needed - working with our vendors seamlessly and creating a playlist that was authentic to us. We couldn't recommend them more and look forward to hiring them again for another event!”

The Engagements wedding band in Brooklyn NY
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"We can not say enough about how fantastic our experience was with Lucy Band. The entire band was incredibly talented and the connected with our guests on every level - If you have or want a dancing crowd there is no better band - they were amazing - I have never heard about so many compliments about the music at a party as we had - they made my daughters wedding extra special.”
Denise Q.

Dancing to wedding cover band in NY
Photo by Dan Fredo @heydanfredo

"If you have the opportunity for these super talented, charismatic, professional, and all around awesome musicians to play at your wedding, please just go for it.

Pete and I have been lucky enough to hear a bunch of live music over the years (and even play some of it, although not particularly well). But being super into music, it was the one thing that we were extremely picky about when planning - and for some time we thought that what we wanted might not actually exist.

Enter The Engagements. From the moment we saw that song list, we were in love. Throw in some YouTube videos, rave reviews, and a super collaborative band leader to be in touch with, and we never looked back. From start to finish working with them was the easiest and most exciting part of our arrangements. Communicative, clear, flexible, enthusiastic and stone cold awesome musicians - they really met us where we were at and gave their all to give us everything that we requested. Because of the venue, there was some logistical stuff that made it necessary for things to be kinda fluid and never once was there anything but positivity on their end. Dare I say, they were the centerpiece of our wedding.

Besides the fact that they're phenomenal and we loved every single moment of them, the feedback from guests was also overwhelming. I cannot count the amount of times somebody asked us "where did you find this band?!" or "This band is amazing/awesome/incredible!" We also learned that friends of our parents were cooler than we thought when it turned out that they are huge fans of Bowie, Talking Heads, Prince. etc. Someone that I had never heard used expletives remarked something along the lines of "how the **** did you get a wedding band to play The Replacements?!".  

And the answer is simply that The Engagements played at our wedding and because we asked them to please play Can't Hardly Wait they did, and it was phenomenal, and everybody loved it. 

Listen, It's only been several days since our wedding, and (as we're waiting for transport to go have some fun) we needed to speedily let you know about how extraordinary this band is and how we are already trying to think of an excuse to throw another ridiculous party just to be able to do this all over again. Cheers to The Engagements, the way that they sound-tracked our wedding exceeded all expectations and will help us always remember it as fondly as we already do.”

bride dancing wedding NYC

"Just wanted to say thanks for such a great performance. You guys rocked! Everyone had a blast, and the term “best band ever” was thrown about multiple times. You really sounded great, and provided the perfect mood the entire evening. Exactly what we were hoping for, but better! The trio at the ceremony was on point, and “book of love” was beautiful, too. Really appeciate how flexible and accommodating you guys were. Hope the trip home was ok. Thanks again.”
Dave W. – Wedding in MA

best wedding music band under a tent
Photo by emilie inc @emilie_inc

"Dear Engagements: A much delayed, but nevertheless sincere thank you from Eric and me. Our wedding was a magical event and your band, The Engagements, contributed to the celebratory feel. Everyone, ranging in age from 10 to 90, enjoyed your music and danced the night away; we could not have asked for better music. We also want to thank you for being adaptable. I am sure it is not easy preparing for an event when you have never been to the location and the bride and groom live out of the country and are occasionally inaccessible; thank you for your flexibility and calm manner. If there is anything we can do to provide a positive review of you band please let us know. If future brides and grooms would like a contact we offer our services.”
Sophia – Wedding in CT

great wedding music band dance party
Photo by emilie inc @emilie_inc

"There is only one word to describe your band and that is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad my daughter “found” you and hired you to perform at her wedding. We are a music (and food) loving family and felt along with the food the music was most important. You certainly met all of our expectations for which we are most appreciative. I want you to know that I thought you were great and if I had more children to marry off I would hire you in a flash. Thanks for making our daughter’s wedding reception so memorable. Sincerely,”
Ellie F., Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

Wedding band with flower girls on percussion
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"You were absolutely fabulous at our wedding last night! Totally amazing, incredibly fun. There were a lot of musicians in our crowd and everyone loved you. Thank you so much”
Julie F., Wedding in Brooklyn, NY

New York City wedding music by The Engagements
Photo by Wilde Scout Photos @Km.weddings

"We loved working with you guys. Your band was great – you guys are fantastic musicians and all the music – from the ceremony processionals to the late night dancing – was perfect.”
Marissa & Matt – Wedding in the Hamptons

first dance with NYwedding band The Engagements
Photo by Nicole DeTone Photography

"We had a wedding with a very mixed crowd, older relatives, kids, and a ton of musicians who are hard to please. The Engagements rocked the house with great creativity and musicality. Note: this is not your typical cover band–The Engagements are all musicians of the highest caliber from the New York scene who have decided to combine their love of pop music with a commercial venture. They are real professionals, tasteful, great sound, great presentation. It was perfect for our Wedding, because we needed a group that could cover classic material without sounding cheesy. The Engagements had a huge song list, with tons of great songs that we wouldn’t have even thought of, from Sinatra to Stevie Wonder to Hall and Oates. If you’re looking some something a cut above a standard cover band, The Engagements are worth it.”
Miles and Pavani, Wedding in Queens, NY

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