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Reviews from people who've been there.

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Reviews from people who've been there.

"The Loyales provided music for our ceremony and reception at Brooklyn Winery. The music was amazing and we received so many compliments from our guests both young and old. We were provided with a long list of songs the band could perform along with recommendations for ceremony, dinner, dancing etc. In addition we made a few requests and the band delivered them exceptionally. Milton and the rest of the band kept the music upbeat and there was a great atmosphere on the dance floor. Would highly recommend!”

"The Loyales and Lucy Music were beloved by all our guests and very accommodating. 

The Loyales' song list is extensive and appeals to everyone--you could customize your selections to your taste, or let them "read" your crowd and play their own sets. We had several calls to plan the occasion and they even agreed to a last minute first dance number. They traveled about an hour north of NYC for our wedding and made direct contact with the venue for all arrangements. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a full band with a great repertoire!”

"I cant recommend The Loyales enough. They played at our wedding and we specified beforehand that we wanted the reception to be one big dance party. It was easy to work with them before the wedding to choose the songs and feel for the evening. At the reception The Loyales had everybody up on their feet. Milton is a fantastic band leader and the band is a real crowd pleaser. We received so many compliments on the band and even continue to receive them two years later. The best thing about The Loyales, in my opinion, is that they are not a typical "wedding band". They are a talented band, with a strong following, who happens to play weddings as well. We often go to see them play their original music around the city and they always put on a spirited, fun show. So, if you have The Loyales play at your wedding, you are guaranteed to have a band with amazing talent and great energy.”

young boy and mother dancing wedding

"The Loyales were awesome our event! Would totally have them back again!”

"The Loyales were amazing. Their energy and great taste in music really set the tone for our wedding reception and all the guests couldn't stop talking about how great they were. We wanted our reception to be just an awesome party and not too wedding-ey, with music that was energetic enough to get everyone excited without having a crazy DJ dance party, and that's just what we got. They knew just what to play during the cocktail hour to get the party going with a really cool and classy vibe, and then by the end of the night everyone was dancing. Milton and Aaron knew just what we wanted and had some great song suggestions. We even had a couple crashers pop in just because they heard the great music from outside!”

"The Loyales are hands down the best wedding band I have ever seen! Although I might be a bit biased because they were my wedding band, I will say this: they had our guests dancing from the moment they started playing until the end of the wedding with guests begging them to continue playing at the end. They were incredibly easy and professional to deal with; Aaron and Milton were quick to respond to any questions we had as well as to speak with us in depth about our vision for how the day would go. They made sure to play all of our "favorites" with a pretty amazing touch of their own style AND they are extremely talented musicians. We used them for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception with a different rendition or mix of the band for each, making the experience unique and fun. I would highly recommend them for any wedding. In fact, they were so much fun that our friends are going to use them as their wedding band.”

"Milton and the Loyales were fantastic; they made our wedding very special and very fun. They were a huge part of making a wedding ceremony that we and our guest will remember for a long time. They learned specially requested songs for the ceremony, champagne toast, and reception, and of course play all f their own songs that have become our favorite dance songs. It was a perfect mix of songs, everyone was up dancing, even couples who "don't dance" were up dancing together for the first time in ages. The first comment from everyone about the wedding was, "GREAT BAND!"”

"The Loyales were awesome - they played throughout my wedding - from the ceremony in the garden to cocktail hour to after dinner music!! We didn't have a 'dance-y' wedding - but everybody commented on how great they were and how much they loved the music! They learnt a song especially for me and played it perfectly 🙂 they were a crucial part of the day and they didn't disappoint - totally recommend ! Book'em!!”

woman dancing at an NYC wedding band

"Everyone from our wedding still tells us how amazing the Loyales were! Every guest, from my 90 year great aunt, to my young nieces and nephews, to our 30 year old friends tell us that we had the best band ever! The Loyales truly made the event, and we could not be happier. Everyone danced the afternoon and evening away, the Loyales throw the best party! 
We saw and researched over a dozen bands when we were looking for wedding bands and all those other bands were the same thing- pop cover bands. And then we saw the Loyales at the Lobster Bake in the Brooklyn, and with one song we knew we wanted them. We requested them as a country/folk string quartet for the cocktail hour and also added the fiddle (we have a personal infatuation with the fiddle- and we highly suggest it!). It was the perfect music for our outdoor, seaside event. They accommodated many of our country requests, and played great songs from their extensive set list. Milton’s and Julia’s voice accompany each other perfectly. For the main event they brought in the drums, and the dance floor was bumping and jumping to the very end. We had a spontaneous “talent show” at our wedding, where my father sang traditional Irish songs, and my friends sang a personal song for us- and without any practice- the band backed up our friends harmoniously. It was a touching performance, but the highlight for them was to be accompanied by the amazing fiddliest and entire Loyales band. 
I would not change a thing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

"The Loyales were so amazing, and truly made our wedding memorable for us and our guests. Everyone keeps talking about how awesome the band was!

No other wedding band can do the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception each with a unique style and sound. Milton was very helpful as we figured out the style we wanted for each phase of the night. He also provided great recommendations for songs, ones that we love, and that we don't often hear at weddings. He and Aaron (their manager) were very communicative during the whole planning process. 

During the reception, they had everyone on the dance floor, and all our guests were saying they never saw a wedding band like the Loyales! Not only do they play great songs that aren't the cliche wedding fare, but they are incredibly talented musicians.”

"We had a fantastic experience with the Loyales. They played for a blowout birthday/anniversary party -- a very special night that was basically us re-celebrating our wedding, and the Loyales were the most special part of the night. A friend who books music for films and TV (and knows the whole world of NYC music) recommended them unequivocally. He was 100% right. Aaron and Milton made everything super easy right from the start, and they were very responsive by email and by phone. They'd never played the venue before, but it didn't faze them at all. I wanted to have a small ensemble for the cocktail hour and then a more rocking band for dancing after dinner, and they put it together perfectly. They've got a huge repertoire of music, and played to the mood of each part of the night beautifully. Most importantly, the dancing was awesome -- everyone had so much fun. I would hire them again in a heartbeat.”

Loyales performing in front of a crowd at an NYC wedding

"This all-star band gets an all the stars review. They were the best choice we could have ever hoped for at our wedding. The music selection available made us feel like we were selecting songs from a personal jute box of rock, R&B and funk! The Loyales did not fail to deliver on talent, energy and overall amazing-ness. Countless people still tell us how amazing our band was and the dance floor was never empty. They even accommodated a special request, Your Love by The Outfield, and knocked it out of the park. Would recommend to anyone with a passion and appreciate for music with a soul!”

"We love the Loyales! Working with them in advance of the wedding was very easy, they made us feel well taken care of, happily answering lots of questions and providing great advice about music selection. Their performance the day of was spectacular. They performed during the wedding, the cocktail hour and for dinner and dancing. Each of these performances was a little different, perfect for that moment. They honored the original artist's songs while also adding their special touch. We would highly recommend the Loyales for anyone we meet. Music is such an important part of our lives and integral to any wedding, without the Loyales, our wedding wouldn't have been as special as it was.”

"Aaron and Milton made planning the music and flow of our wedding so easy. They really understood what we were looking for and we were so happy with every song they played at our wedding. We had numerous people come up to us after the event to tell us how much they loved them. They had people dancing all night and really read the room well! We were a little particular about our first dance and parent dance songs and they were very accommodating and played them beautifully! Book them!!”

"Our entire experience with the Loyales was amazing from day 1. They were very quick to respond to all our emails and were professional throughout the entire process. The energy that they brought to our reception was beyond amazing. This band is absolutely electric when they are playing. They turned our reception into an all-out dance party and our guests will not stop talking about how fun and awesome the band was. Milton really tried to get to know us and our musical taste and crafted a set list that suited our wedding perfectly. I really cannot recommend them highly enough. If you are looking for a band for any event or occasion, you could not go wrong hiring the Loyales.”
Marianne D.

bride and bridesmaids dancing

"The Loyales could not have been more perfect for our wedding – professional, easy to work with, really talented, and ultimately, great sound. Milton made a point to get to know our music preferences in the planning up to the wedding and worked with us to pull together a song list that was perfect for our ceremony and reception. They kept everyone dancing the whole night. Two months later, guests are still raving about how awesome The Loyales were!”

"Milton and the Loyales were exactly what we had hoped for. They were really excellent musicians - much more than a 'wedding band' - able to cater to our close friends who love to dance, but also to an older generation. Everyone said afterwards how amazing they were! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a strong, more alternative (i.e. not 'Top-40') dance vibe. It was also great to work with Milton on a personal level - he was professional, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and really accommodating. Thank you Loyales!”
Anna M.

"We spent a lot of time searching for a band for our wedding, trying to find the right combination of chops, energy and repertoire. When we landed on the Loyales' website we immediately felt the love & we knew they were it. And somehow they exceeded our expectations! Aaron, Milton and team are pros -- from the initial call to song selection to day of set up, every step was smooth as butter. So many times over the course of our wedding, we heard the same question from our guests: "Who is this awesome band?" They read the room, played perfect tunes, and got everyone dancing. And they were so nice! Love them so much, we want to go see their next show.”
Ali M.

"Ask the Loyales what their weddings are like and they’ll say the phrase “heart and soul” a lot. They go with the flow like a living, breathing jukebox, full of expertly curated 45s, from the chug-a-lug chords of Johnny Cash and British Invasion breakdowns of the Beatles to soul and R&B standards like James Brown, Etta James, and the O’Jays. Personalizing the party’s set list is no problem, but if you want a gang of multi-instrumentalists who aren’t afraid to tackle a few tangents, they’ll be able to read the room all night.”
NY Magazine

"The Loyales truly blew us away on SO MANY levels!!! Music was our number one priority when it came to our wedding and we could not have been more thrilled with the party they created with their energy! The more chill music they played was perfectly timed and beautifully done, but the fact that they also kept every single one of our 400ish guests dancing and dancing hard was just amazing!! And it’s important to say they kept everyone dancing for hours without having to pump up the crowd…that was not necessary with the way they naturally lured everyone to the dance floor. They are such a unique wedding band who we would hire over and over again!!!! It is the number one thing everyone is still talking about from our wedding…THE MUSIC, THE DANCING! No wedding guest wants to hear another wedding party band…they want to hear the songs they’ve loved for years and years, but unfortunately never get played at weddings because the industry has become so one note. The Loyales are what your wedding needs if you care about music in the slightest. We cannot express our love for you all enough. We are forever grateful for the PARTY you brought to our wedding. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

wedding reception NYC people dancing

"No touching this band. They had every person in room was up and dancing for 3 hours. Songs were done like it was the real band. The singers were impeccable and band people could play!!! Would hire them tomorrow if I had an event! Been to 100 weddings but this was the best beyond words. Father of Bride…. “

"The Loyales played at my private party and were great! They received rave reviews from young and old alike. I can’t recommend the band too highly.”

"The Loyales played at my 50th birthday party in December, 2009, for about 80 people, in a private room at a nice bar/restaurant. I cannot say enough about how successful the event was, thanks to The Loyales. Almost the entire room was dancing for three straight hours — no exaggeration! They pleaded with the band not to leave the stage for any breaks! I received so many compliments afterwards from people who had never seen Milton before asking where I had found such a great band and how excellent they were. Of course I knew that would be the case, since I was personally already a fan. Milton is a pleasure to work with, learned a few new tunes at our request, and presents a quality of musicianship (and fun) that is unparalleled. He made many new fans that night who have subsequently come to his gigs around town. Trust me, if you like excellent music in the country-rock style, with a bit of honky-tonk and a nice dose of New Orleans soul in the mix, you will be thrilled to have The Loyales play your party. Call me anytime for a reference.”

"I can unreservedly say that having The Loyales perform at our wedding was a lasting highlight. Not only did the band perform countless songs from their reserves, they played personal requests that truly ‘made the night’.”

"We absolutely loved The Loyales. Our guests did, too. Having a solid live band was very important to us and it's a big ticket item, too, so we were thrilled that our choice worked out. Everyone had the best time dancing and singing along to The Loyales, who read the crowd well and totally rocked out. 

Aaron and Milton were very communicative and helped us through the whole wedding band booking process (something we knew nothing about). They offered a structure that worked well for our ceremony+reception and we had live music for hours. 

When the venue rental and gig was over, our guests starting shouting "one more song!" and The Loyales played an encore, which was awesome.”

young couple dancing at Brooklyn wedding Loyales

"Thank you to The Loyales for making our wedding a unforgettable, non-stop dance party! They simply brought the best energy. Our guests started dancing before appetizers were served and never stopped. We have heard from many friends and family about how amazing the music was. The high talent level of each band member was evident from the start. At our event they started as a 4 piece string quartet for the cocktail hour and turned into a full 8 piece band for the reception. At our request they also included an amazing classical violinist to play during they ceremony. The sound of the music and flow of the evening could not have been better. I also can't say enough about how professional and friendly The Loyales are. Aaron, Milton and the band made it all about accommodating us and delivering top quality from the start of the hiring process throughout the final note at the wedding reception. I suggest booking them if you are looking for a band of true and professional musicians who create a great vibe. At the end of it all we felt lucky to have The Loyales play our wedding. Happy New Year, JZ”

"If it were possible to give this band 6 out of 5 stars, I would. 
They were amazing, professional, and knocked it out of the park. They hit the perfect mix of covers and catchy, bouncy original music. Highly highly recommend!”

"The Loyales were absolutely AMAZING!!! I want to get married again just so they can play our wedding again. We got married about 3 months ago and people are still raving to us about them. Every single person that attended our wedding that I have spoken to mentioned how amazing the band was! 

I have to say they really were the highlight of our wedding. The Loyales created such a great vibe from their song selection to each members positive and vibrant energy. They truly are passionate about what they play and do and that is shown in their performance. Each song they play has soul! The dance floor was packed throughout the whole wedding! We saw family members that I did not even know could move like that up there sweating and fist pumping to The Loyales! 

Not to mention Lucy music themselves--so flexible, responsive, professional, attentive, and caring to our requests! The band created a set list that fit our personalities, likes etc just perfectly!! They played all out favorites at just the right moments!! 

I have been a big fan of MILTON for years so it was just magical to have The Loyales play and get everyone on the dance floor!!!”

woman dancing passionately wedding Brooklyn

"Before we were married, my then-fiancé and I had seen the Loyales perform live and we loved them. So we knew this fun, soulful, hard-working band was going to be a big hit at our May 2014 wedding. But wow. Not only did they exceed even our lofty expectations, they gave us a dance party we will never forget and drew raves from all corners of our diverse group of 250 guests, ages 2 to 94. The Loyales play covers you know and love, but not all the obvious ones. Their tasty repertoire is a music lover's mix of vintage soul and R&B, down-home country, classic rock, funky roots and rocksteady – and no matter what style they play, they somehow maintain an unmistakably authentic sound. For our mostly-Italian gathering, they even prepared on request some old-school Louis Prima and Dean Martin numbers and knocked them out of the park as if they were part of their regular songlist. Bandleader Milton and Lucy Music manager Aaron were both extremely responsive and great to work with in planning our event. If you book the Loyales, you can count on quality musicianship, impeccable taste, uncommon versatility, professionalism, positive energy, non-stop dancing and most of all, fun. Music is a big part of our lives and we love to dance, so we really wanted to get this part of our celebration right. Thanks to the Loyales, we did.

"The Loyales made our wedding a rock n roll party that will forever be remembered by my husband and me and our guests. They were very responsive and accommodating to our song requests and then pulled some crazy awesome songs out of their pockets at the party. They read the crowd and kept everyone on their feet for hours, no exaggeration. My husband's family is from Italy and Colombia, and the Loyales were able to sing some songs from each country, which made all our guests feel included. I really could keep gushing, but I'll stop. Their presence at our wedding, made our wedding.

You will not be disappointed.”

"Determined to have a band perform at our wedding we searched high and low to find a band that aligned with our eclectic tastes (from classic reggae and ska, to 60s pop and rock and roll and even the traditional Jewish wedding songs).
We almost lost faith, but right before we were about to concede and go with a dj, we were so glad that we finally found the Loyales.

The Loyales played our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. We received so many compliments from our guests (of all age ranges and music tastes). They kept the party going and we danced all night long.

This band is the real deal...my sister (a music snob) even ended up going to one of their performances without realizing 
that they were our wedding band (we happened to be there too).

We ended up geeking out with Milton (the band leader) about different music. And they were super accommodating and helped construct a great playlist.”

"The Loyales did an incredible job at our wedding in Brooklyn. It was a hot and humid night in September, and they powered through keeping people dancing throughout the set. We were especially pleased with how they were able to take our song suggestions and combine those with other songs they knew we'd want to hear. I would recommend the Loyales for parties / weddings of any size - Milton is a pleasure to work with; he is super responsive and understanding of specific needs you may have. I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed having the Loyales play our wedding and would absolutely book them again in the future. Highly recommend across the board!”

bride groom Loyales wedding NYC

"The Loyales were simply the perfect band for our wedding. Their repertoire is an impeccably curated mix of Motown hits, classic rock, classic country, rocksteady reggae, and jazz standards. Our requests were performed beautifully and Milton and Julia skillfully read the room and kept everyone dancing all night. You can't go wrong with this band. 

"It is impossible to put into words how important this band was to making our big day one for the books, but we'll try our best. The Loyales played our Brooklyn wedding in October, and though we had "warned" the band about our guests' penchant for the dance floor there was no need; Aaron and Milton both made sure we felt comfortable and accommodated from the very start. Feeling confident that our musically "scrutinous" crowd would be satisfied, the Loyales exceeded every high expectation up until the final note. The Loyales played both the ceremony and the cocktail hour (trio), and expanded to the full band w/ horns for the dance party. The processional music was a perfect complement to the beauty and personality of our ceremony, and although my partner and I planned to retreat to a private space for the bulk of the cocktail hour the Loyales' rootsy acoustics drew us out to join our guests immediately because we didn't want to miss out on any of the fun - and that was just the start! Once the party got going, the dance floor was never empty, the music was perfectly curated, all our requested songs were played seamlessly (including the first dance) and the band performed at a level that I have never personally experienced at a wedding. The Loyales are deserving of any and all accolades; they are a first class New York institution and made our wedding memorable for everyone in attendance. Book them ASAP!!!”

"Can't say enough about Milton's band the Loyales. Made my wife's big 50th birthday party a resounding success. In addition to their wide repertoire of classic R&B, New Orleans greats, and horn driven rock 'n' roll, they gladly learned some our favorite roots rock numbers, which they played beautifully. Expert players, beautiful vocals with great harmonies, plus all-around really nice people. Book them, you will be glad you did.”

"Great band to work with, great music that the whole party danced to including Led Zeppelin for the 1st dance! Our first band fell through but The Loyales took over without hassle and we couldn't be happier”

NYC wedding summer under the tent dancing

"We were so lucky to have had The Loyales play for our wedding. We cannot say enough about how professional and fun our experience was. The Loyales were a huge hit at our wedding- we wanted all classic rock and up-beat funk and they definitely delivered! Milton and his band mates went above and beyond to accommodate our wedding day and song requests. We highly recommend Lucy Music and their bands for your special day. We could not have pictured our day more perfect than it was! -Samantha & Timothy Goodrich.”

"We first heard The Loyales play at a block party near our apartment and we knew they were the ones. The entire process was super easy and the songs they learned especially for our wedding were beautiful renditions. By the end of the reception, everyone was up out of their seats, dancing, and having a great time.

Thanks much to Milton and the whole crew!”

"Milton and The Loyales were a definite highlight of our wedding! Guests from all age groups commented positively on how awesome the band was. Not only are they talented, but they were also professional and reassuring (a great quality on a day that can sometimes be crazy). We loved the acoustic set during the cocktail hour, and the horah was legendary. Plus they played some Grateful Dead. All in all, well worth the price and happy to support great people and musicians.”

"The Loyales “made” our reception. Here was the thank you I sent to them after our big day..
I really do want to thank you all for creating an incredible atmosphere and the ability to bring real, authentic music to our wedding reception. Having a cheesy wedding band was not an option for us. The fact that we found real musicians to play at our wedding was incredibly lucky and we are so thankful you were available. Everyone loved you guys and our guests are still raving about it. You exceeded our expectations and we would love to come and see The Loyales play in the near future. We also had so many compliments on the special songs we asked you to learn and play for us. They were beautiful. I’ll never forget our three year old dancing and singing to “Rolling on a river” at the end of the night. That was quite a highlight. She still sings it to this day. You made our day and evening seemless and beautiful, and for that I can’t thank you enough. You all make it seem so easy :). Please stay in touch.”

"The Loyales were our absolute dream wedding band. We got married in a heatwave and nobody left the dance floor till we kicked people out. Aaron and Milton were a pleasure to work with leading up to the night and we can't wait to go check out the band around Brooklyn. It was just the best dance party!”

flower girl dancing wildly New York NY Wedding band

"The Loyales were the best wedding band ever because they weren’t a wedding band. They were just a really great band. We threw them several requests that were off the map, and they followed through like it was no problem. You should have total confidence in their talent, performance ability and general rocking-ness.”
-Joel Stein, Time Magazine

"Six years later, people are still talking about the fabulous music at our wedding party. Milton and his band The Loyales played and sang their hearts out to Johnny Cash, the Beatles, Etta James, Prince, James Brown, and more. No one could resist the urge to get up and dance. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all!”

"Best wedding band ever!!! We spent our entire evening on the dance floor along with everyone else!”

"I can’t say enough positive things about the band. We wanted a soulful, rootsy, heartfelt vibe at our wedding and that’s exactly what the Loyales delivered. We had a trio for the ceremony and cocktail hour, along with the full band for the wedding. The Loyales played all of our requested songs ( and PERFECTLY at that ) and got everyone up on the dance floor. The band is first class, extremely talented and a true gem to have at a wedding, their sound is full of character and they deliver on the style of band they market themselves as — they made our wedding and we are so grateful! Enjoy the dance party and book the Loyales!

"Milton and his cronies played our wedding in June and it was fantastic! They had a very wide range of songs and styles including many of our personal requests including from Beatles, Velvet Underground, Hot Chocolate, Eddy Grant, and The O’Jays. We had many guests young and old, mellow and rockin’ comment that our band was outstanding! We highly recommend them for their versatility and ability to hit just the right mood.”

"It was a joy and a pleasure to have The Loyales entertain my guests at several parties. They enjoyed listening, and dancing and the music appealed to all ages. The guests all told me how much they enjoyed the music and hoped to have the opportunity to be entertained by The Loyales another time. Milton and his band were easy to work with and, even though they already had a long play list prepared, they were very accomodating about adding more songs at my request.”

bride groom wedding dip dancing brooklyn

"I have seen Milton and his band in different clubs and venues in New York City, the Philadelphia area, Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland. Whether a solo, a trio ,or the full band, the performances have always been top notch and hugely entertaining. In my view, his songwriting and showmanship will soon place him in the upper echelon of entertainers in this country. I have also seen Milton at a graduation party at my brother’s house near Princeton, New Jersey. Without detracting from the party’s focus, he introduced his music in a way that genuinely enhanced everyone’s experience on that special occasion. In sum, if you can get Milton and his band in a private showcase, you will have a great party!”

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